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Assure your new boat’s long-lasting beauty and durability with professional Marine Detailing and Coatings services at Liquid Art Detailing in Decatur, AL. We protect your valuable asset with top-tier care, guarantee its longevity, and ensure it remains a stunning sight on the water.

What is Marine Detailing and Coatings?

Marine detailing and coatings encompass a meticulous process of cleaning, polishing, and safeguarding both boats’ and yachts’ exterior and interior surfaces. This process also involves applying protective layers such as ceramic, polyurethane, and antifouling coatings to enhance durability, prevent corrosion, and improve all aesthetics.

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Enhance the stunning appearance of your boat with our professional marine detailing and ceramic coating installation from our expert teams. By entrusting your boat to our care, you’ll keep it pristine and enjoy many memorable adventures on the water.

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Liquid Art Detailing takes pride in our attention to detail, ensuring your boat looks its best. From polishing gel coats to deep interior cleaning, we cover all aspects of marine maintenance.

Pro-level Ceramic
Coating Services

For all your boats in Decatur, AL, Liquid Art Detailing offers premium ceramic coating services to repel water, making maintenance easier and enhancing the gloss of your boat.


Our seasoned staff possess the expertise, skills, and premium products necessary to handle your boat. By precisely and carefully employing specialized techniques, we deliver outstanding results.

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Marine detailing and coatings are essential for preserving a boat’s aesthetics, structural integrity, and value by protecting it from the corrosive effects of the aquatic environment.

Marine detailing and coatings frequency depends on usage, storage conditions, and environmental exposure. Generally, it’s recommended to have your boat detailed at least once a year, with additional touch-ups as needed.

Yes, proper marine detailing and coatings can help prevent corrosion by creating a barrier between the boat’s surfaces and corrosive elements such as saltwater and air.


Experience the Liquid Art difference for your marine detailing and coating needs in Decatur, AL. Visit our location at 3440 Valley Ave SW Suite C, Decatur, AL 35603, or call 256-476-2019 to schedule. Our skilled team deliver top-quality services tailored to your boat’s requirements.



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